The Egham Band Youth Brass Project

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In 2008, St. Jude’s School took part in a Government funded scheme aimed at introducing children to playing musical instruments. St. Jude’s had 90 Year 4 children on the scheme, as the principle was to give as many children as possible the opportunity to experience the benefits of learning how to play an instrument. The scheme was only funded for two years, enabling the school to hire the instruments and pay for a teacher.


After the first year, the children had the opportunity to join a newly formed school brass band, continue tuition via Surrey Arts and to perform at various school and outside events. This was successful for a number of years by relying on parental contributions.  However, after government funding was withdrawn and pressures on family budgets changed, there simply was insufficient money to maintain it and so the scheme reduced until it ceased in July 2017, and with it the school brass band.  The Egham Training Band was formed in 2010 to give the children somewhere to continue to play, this band was promoted to The Egham Youth Band in 2016.  Many of those originally in the school at the start still play with Egham Youth Band today.



We are currently teaching Brass to 100 children who started in Sept 2019.  We also continue to teach the students from last year that have continued to learn brass.  Those that have continues at St Jude’s have formed St Jude’s Brass and on leaving St Jude’s at the end of the school year will become the start of the new Egham Training Band providing a place where they can continue to learn as a group as well as perform in front of an audience.



The plan is to restart the Egham Training Band in the middle of 2020 when students that are leaving their Primary/Junior schools can continue to play together and showcase their work in concerts and, when ready, contests.  The Band are also now in discussions with a further school to start the scheme in Sept 2020. 

Fundraising is an ever important part of our project as with anything in life nothing comes free.  To date we have raised funds to purchase around 100 cornets to enable to loan the students one each so they are able to take them home to practice and play together.  The Band has also loaned brass instruments for those in St Jude’s Brass that have continued to play.

We are very grateful for the donations we have received and continue to receive without which we would be unable to run the project.

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